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Virtual Choirs

I can help your choirs keep singing together during Covid separation.


keep the music alive with

Virtual Ensemble Production

 My rate is $70/musician for a video up to 5 minutes long.

Included in the fee:

- creation of singalong/playalong/click tracks for your singers/instrumentalists

- providing recording instructions

-  editing and mixing audio

- video editing w/up to 3 rounds of revisions


You provide guidance on artistic choices for the click track (tempos, fermatas, articulations, etc.), as well as providing feedback on the mix and video before it's finalized. 


It generally takes about 2-3 days to create click/singalong tracks (depending on the complexity of the song), and 2 weeks to edit a video once all performances are uploaded.

Discounts available for static-grid videos or bulk projects (5+ videos).

Fill out the form below or e-mail me at to get started!


"With his beautifully designed virtual choir videos, Stephen made the Seattle University Choirs' remote learning experience much more joyful and meaningful."

- Dr. Leann Conley-Holcom, Seattle University

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Sample Projects

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