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First congregational church, bellevue, ucc Virtual choir 

anthems for spring 2021


Thank you for adding your voice to our virtual choir; we're so glad you're here. This page contains instructions about how to participate, plus links to pages for each of the songs the choir will be singing.

SHEET MUSIC & MP3 Downloads:

You can download printable PDFs of  sheet music or MP3 audio files using the following link:



Please dress "church nice," and check each song's page for specific instructions.

  • NOTE: You're only filming from waist up, so wear whatever pants are most comfortable and allow you to sing beautifully!


  • vertical/portrait mode

  • HD / 1080p resolution, 30fps

  • 9x16 aspect ratio

  • lots of light

  • quiet room


(all is covered in the video, but in case it's helpful in text form, read on!)



  1. A cell phone with a camera to take the movie of yourself ("Device #1")

  2. A second device ("Device #2") with access to the internet (cell phone, tablet, computer) to listen to the singalong video while you film yourself with Device #1.

  3. Headphones to listen to the recording on electronic Device #2

  4. A quiet place with in which to film yourself (turn off any air conditioners, loud lights, any ambient noise)

  5. A steady place to set your cell phone camera to film yourself (examples include propped against a book, a tripod, or having a friend hold it steadily for you) 



  1. Go to the spot you decided was good for filming (quiet and solid background). Bring both your cellphone and Device #2.

  2.  Turn on Device #2. Attach your headphones. Put them over one ear so you both hear the video and yourself singing. Open up the sing-along movie and press play.

  3. Practice singing along with the video while listening in your headphones. 

  4. Orient Device #1 (your cell phone) with the screen vertically (portrait orientation) and place it propped against a book or in the tripod so you are in the video window. Make sure we can see from your belly button up to the top of your head.


  1. Go to the sing-along video or MP3 for for the song you wish to record.

  2. Start filming! First start recording on Device #1 (your phone should show a timer and a little red dot to confirm it's filming), then press PLAY on the singalong video/MP3 on Device #2.

  3.  Sing along with the video through the end of the song. Be sure to pause for a few seconds after the end of the song.

  4. Upload your video using the link on the song page. Sometimes it takes a couple tries, so keep going until you get a confirmation that it has uploaded.

Previous FCCB virtual music projects:

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