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FCCB Virtual choir 

SONG #5: Silent NIGHT

Deadline for uploading all

Christmas music is November 1


  1. Film with moderately low light - you want your face and the candle visible, but darker than a regular video.

  2. Take a test video and check the lighting quality - the most important thing is that we can see your face and the candle.

  3. Hold the candle in your right hand in front of your chest during verses 1-3.


4. At the beginning of verse 4, slowly raise the candle up and extend your arm.

5. At the end of verse 4, slowly lower the candle and blow it out.



​You may record your video singing along with either the audio or video below.

Click here to download the audio file (right-click and save the file to your computer) or use the player below.

Silent Night (singalong)


Previous FCCB virtual music projects:

Thank you for contributing to this year's remote Advent and Christmas services! Your voice is an important part of our community.

    -Stephen O'Bent, Minister of Music & Arts

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